Thursday, November 21, 2013


Ola! I have a new daily blog, come join me here : dayre_me/elnafadiyah21  but of course you have to download the app from your Apple or Android. See ya!!

Monday, September 23, 2013


So I got carried away with my beautiful marriage life *fliphair* until, again i neglected my blog. It's been 9 months since we got hitched and we really savored every moment of it along with arguments here and there of course..nevertheless, i could not thank you more Ya Allah for this precious gift..needless to say, he's such a darling, loving  & sweet in his own way..i'm just lucky. He can get really domesticated at times..mopping the floor, he does the laundry too! love u so much B! thank you for those nights u kissed me on my forehead and aww.. i overheard you, thanking Allah profusely for sending me into ur life now as ur wife, i'm just blessed.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Wifey Chef!

Today i made an exotic breakfast for him, again, yes it happened couple of times already, sweet kan i?.. You guys should see his face the moment he tried to bite it...i Elna Fadiyah Binti Sanusi unknowingly (coverline) put the garlic butter & cheddar cheese on the waffles in the microwave : D results : both cheese & butter turned out to be so keras macam batu...but still it's edible.. sorry baby, well..the valentine's card says it all :) my 'exemption clause' "Sometimes STRANGE EXOTIC food"  :

Monday, February 11, 2013

Bridal Shower #ThrowBack2012

I must admit that i am indeed lucky to be surrounded by these wonderful bunch of ladies in my life..... i could not thank them enough for throwing the 'owhsome' bridal showers for me :'( sob..sob.. i love u guys forever.

Solemnization (21.12.12) A Date To Remember :) #ThrowBack2012

Credits to our wedding videographer TheArtFilms @

Thank you Tiar Zainal & Najeeb Azami #ThrowBack2012

If you're wondering who did the makeup for my wedding? well.. these magic hands belong to :

 1. Solemnization & bride's side reception by Tiar Zainal @

(Credits to Fotocantik Studio for the beautiful shots!  @ )

(not to forget amazing pics by FotoRakyat

2. Groom's side reception by Najeeb Azami 

Married Life

Yes i'm married and yes life has never been so good eversince :) proof is i neglected my blog for almost two months.. i could not ask for responsibilities not to forget less shopping and more savings. As much as i wanna save, i do still shop for my dear hubs. that's an exception because i read somewhere that says, in islam your husband needs are important. Make sure his pants, baju all not koyak rabak and u have to do what is necessary like SHOP! for him. I like this part. Errmm..but what about my needs or wants for that matter?  i don't think i could ever refrain myself from the constant desire to shop that long...*sighhhh* we'll see :)

ok enjoy our wedding pics below, u can view more of them on my fb page @ Elna Fadiyah Sanusi

(Pictures courtesy of Fotocantik Studio @   &   
FotoRakyat   )

my two beautiful mamas (mama gee & mama nah)